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Taxidermist: Robert Stuart
No Legend
Bow Fronted
36" x 15"


Taxidermist: W.F. Holmer London
Legend reads in gold "caught by W.O'Dart on 10th March 1912 Wgt 9lb 3 1/2oz
Bow Fronted case
37" x 15.5"


Taxidermist: Unknown
No legend
Scale Painted
Flat fronted case
23" x 14"


Taxidermist: W.B.Griggs London
Gold written legend reads:
"Taken from Thames by G.Kaile 26th Dec 1910 Wieght 1lb x 5oz"
Bow fronted glass case
19" x 12.5"


Taxidermist: J.Cooper And Sons
Gold written Legend reads:
"Caught by W.S.Heath on the river Itchen July 24th 1891 Wieght 4lb 14 oz & 4lb 1oz"
Flat fronted class cape
37" x 20"


Pike Head
Gold Surround On Glass Written Pike River Bure In Gold
Circa 1900 In The Manner Of Cooper
Size 11 Inches Deep 11 Inch Height 9 Inches Wide
Collection Only


Taxidermist: E.F Spicer Birmingham
Lable Reads: Taken by A. E Chapmen
Caught: Shutmill June 20th 1923 5.5lb 1x3xGut 37min
Flat fronted case