One of the most powerful air pistols on the market. Its modern and compact design relates to one of the famous service pistols in the world. You can choose between two velocities without pumping etc.,...



Action Break barrel
Calibre .22 (5.5mm)
Type Spring and piston powered
Stock Hardwood
Length (total) 42"
Weight 6.4lb
Power 610FPS
Fitted recoil pad
Grooved for telescopic sigh...


HW 40 18+

Precision air pistol in modern design • craftmanship made in Germany • recoilless action at an entry level price point • single stroke pneumatic • quiet and smooth • very good balanced • precision two...



The GRT Lightning XL SE has all the new and improved features that its spring-powered sister has. A new two-stage trigger gives a crisp release with minimal pressure. A new stock has been designed wit...


Although the Rotex RM8 looks great with its Minelli woodstock, there are many Rotex fans, especially outside Germany, who want to take this repeating compressed air rifle into the countryside where de...


.22 Webley Hurricane pistol is in excellent condition for its age
No visible serial number
Box in good condition inc allen key and sight mount
A must for the collector



Action Break barrel
Calibre .177 (4.5MM) AND .22 (5.5MM)
Type Spring powered
Stock Skeleton wood stock
Trigger Two stage (adjustable)
Length (total) 45.5"
Weight 8...


Ultra SE 18+



The BSA Ultra SE provides top spec' performance and unique handling qualities in a stylish, affordable package. Perfectly balanced and designed for fast target...


HW 97 K 18+

An idea conquers the hearts of people keen on sports, youthful and young of heart. Weihrauch air rifles offer a lot of pleasure in sports. The underlever air rifle HW 97 K especially developed for fie...

Webley Typhoon Air Pistol, Black with Ambidextrous Grips .177 3.3ft/lbs .177

Adjustable 2 stage trigger
Manual safety catch
Ambidextrous synthetic grip
Semi-recoiless shooting
Steel rifled ba...


Webley MkVI .455 Service Revolver Silver Finish with Black Hammer, Trigger & Barrel Catch. .177 Rifled Barrel 2.1 ft/lbs .177 Rifled Barrel

The latest addition to the MKVI Line Up is the MKVI nicke...


The Walther CP88 has been an enormously popular airgun ever since being introduced. Its precision, power and reliability have set standards for a whole generation of recreational guns.

The intercha...