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.177 cal . Serial no.137
the pistol is in very good condition with slight pitting on barrel


Reasonable condition


.22 Webley Osprey No 21224
Excellent Condition


.177 pellet/bb
spring repeater
very rare, good condition, with pellet magazine
serial no.3171


Exhibition Engraved Beautiful condition Gem .177 chromed/nickled body


Calibre .177
Serial no.105531
Very good condition,Recoil free target rifle


Jackal 18+

Calibre .22
Serial no.03437
Poor condition, project for rebuild,breaking for spares.


.177 very good condition with box


Calibre .177
No visible no.
Good condition
Very rare B.S.A. MK2 2x scope and mount


.22 calibre
no visible serial number
Excellent condition
Box damaged with writing but the instructions and sight mount are still with the pistol.


Calibre .22
Serial no. 862
Good Condition


Calibre .177
Serial no. G64490
Fair to good condition,repeater but no mag.,with Milbro 4x20 scope