■ Soft Touch reinforced grip
■ Right handed bow
■ 3 pin Fiber Optic "Brightglo" sight
■ Draw Weight 15-20 lb
■ Recurve Draw Length 24"
■ Finger Tab
■ 2 Ar...


Felix De Campino Bronze Leopard Stalking Stance


120lb draw weight (185 FPS)11.5" Power stroke14" Aluminium bolt recommended3.63lb Weight31" Length26" Width
Iron SightsFibreglass Limb and Aluminium Barrel
Auto Safety Catch
11mm rail allows fitmen...


A 150lb Anglo Arms 'CERBERUS' wooden short crossbow set supplied with 2 aluminium bolts.


European Close Helm (Closed Helmet)


Full Size V for Vendetta Mask


Full size Terminator Mask


Discover unknown terrain or look at things in more detail with the Explorer, the ?Officer?s Knife? for adventurers.

1. Large blade
2. Small blade
3. Can opener with
4. -small screwdriver


Full size Iron Man Mask


A full sized wearable helmet.